Greece Reels After Powerful Bombing Sparks Terrorism Fears

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Athens, Greece - A powerful explosion detonated outside Greece's Labor Ministry in the heart of Athens on Saturday, sparking shock and renewed concerns about terrorism in the country. While no casualties were reported, the attack marks a concerning escalation in violence and has authorities scrambling to identify the perpetrators.

A Scene of Destruction:

Surveillance footage captured the moment the blast ripped through the ministry's steel-and-glass façade, gutting offices up to the sixth floor. Surrounding buildings sustained damage, and debris littered the scene. Authorities expressed relief that the crowded boulevard nearby was empty during the explosion, preventing potential casualties.

First Major Attack in Five Years:

This attack marks the first major bombing in Athens since 2019, raising fears of a resurgence of terrorism. Public Order Minister Michalis Chrysochoides acknowledged the gravity of the situation, stating, "It was the first terrorist attack to mar the streets of Athens in five years, and authorities are seriously concerned about the resurgence of terrorism." He vowed to safeguard democracy and the country's image.

Claiming Responsibility:

A previously unknown group calling themselves the "Revolutionary Class Self-Defense" claimed responsibility for the attack. Experts suspect the group may involve members of disbanded terrorist organizations, with Balaskas, a police investigator, stating, "Security experts suspect the new group includes militant recruits drafted by terrorists remaining at large after the country's most deadly terror group was disbanded some 20 years ago."

Investigation Underway:

Authorities are analyzing forensic evidence and surveillance footage to identify the culprits. Minister Chrysochoides emphasized, "counterterrorism officials were focusing on forensic evidence to track the culprit from a list of potential suspects." They anticipate the group will issue a statement elaborating on their motives and choice of target.

Unease Lingers:

While grateful for the lack of casualties, authorities warn that the potential for further attacks remains. The investigation continues, and citizens grapple with the unsettling reality of renewed terrorism concerns in the Greek capital.


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