Royal Name Game: Could Prince George Have Been a Greek God?

future King and his adorable little sister.

When the Prince and Princess of Wales welcomed their firstborn in 2013, it wasn't just the world that awaited his arrival with bated breath – the expectant parents themselves didn't know if it would be a prince or princess!

While Prince William reportedly favoured the surprise, royal expert Katie Nicholl reveals that the Princess may have had a different name in mind.

Prince George
Prince George

According to Nicholl, despite the traditional moniker eventually chosen – Prince George – Kate "had her heart set" on the name Alexander. This tidbit offers a glimpse into the private discussions and personal preferences that shape monumental decisions within the royal family.

Though ultimately, they opted for the name steeped in regal history, the revelation adds a layer of intrigue to the story of Prince George's arrival. It fuels speculation and underscores the personal touch that's often present even in the most public moments of royal life.


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