Yorgos Zois' new film Arcadia is a "true gem": Watch the captivating trailer

Yorgos Zois Arcadia

Starring Vangelis Mourikis and Angeliki Papoulia

A couple, neurologist Katerina and ex-doctor Yannis, head to an abandoned seaside resort, where they have an unpleasant mission: to identify an accident victim in a small-town hospital. But Katerina's worst fears come true when a police officer takes them to the morgue. Together with Yannis, they begin an investigation to put the puzzle pieces together and reveal a story of love, loss and acceptance.

This is the premise of Yorgos Zois' new film "Arcadia", which premieres at this year's Berlinale, written by him and Konstantinas Kotzamanis. In the leading roles, we meet Vangelis Mourikis and Angeliki Papoulia.

It was produced by Foss Productions and Homemade Films and co-produced by Red Carpet.

The producers, in a statement published by Variety, along with the film's riveting trailer, comment: "When Yorgos told us that he wanted to make a love story where love and loss would coexist between real and imaginary worlds, we immediately realized that this film was a natural sequel to his work and wanted to support it."

On behalf of Beta Cinema, head of sales Tassilo Hallbauer called the film "We are proud to have found a true gem with ‘Arcadia.’ It is a beautiful, magical tale with a profound emotional impact and shows the unique handwriting of the extremely talented Yorgos Zios. Its universal topic will speak to audiences all over the world."

Watch the trailer:

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