Greek Farmers Demand Reduction of Production Costs and Other Measures

Greek Prime Minister Meets Protesting Farmers, Pledges Assistance

Greek farmers have taken to the streets to demand a reduction in production costs and other measures that could help alleviate their financial burdens. The farmers have put forward a list of demands, aiming to secure their livelihood and protect their cultivation needs.

One of their key requests is the establishment of a rural tax-free oil, which would help reduce the expenses associated with agricultural production. Additionally, the farmers are calling for a ceiling of 7 cents per kilowatt hour in the agro-livestock stream, as high energy costs significantly impact their profitability.

The subsidy of means, supplies, and animal feed, along with the abolition of VAT, is also being sought by the farmers. They argue that these measures would provide much-needed financial relief and ensure the sustainability of their agricultural activities.

Furthermore, the farmers are urging that the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) not be implemented as planned, but rather be renegotiated. They believe that modifications to the policy are necessary to better address their specific challenges and needs.

Compensation for income losses resulting from crops that have suffered production losses is another demand made by the farmers. They assert that the compensation provided by ELGA, the Greek Agricultural Insurance Organization, should cover 100% of the actual damage rather than being limited to the insured value.

The farmers are calling on the government to take action and implement measures to prevent the "Hellenization" of plant, animal, and beekeeping products. They believe that stricter controls and regulations are needed to protect Greek products from unfair competition and ensure their authenticity and quality.

In addition to these demands, the farmers are also asking for higher prices that cover production costs. They argue that fair pricing is essential to guarantee a decent income and sustain their livelihoods.

Finally, the farmers are demanding infrastructure projects to be undertaken to shield the country from floods. They emphasize the importance of investing in anti-flood measures to protect agricultural land and ensure its productivity.

These demands are being voiced by Greek farmers in their struggle to overcome the financial challenges they face. They hope that their concerns will be heard and addressed by the relevant authorities, ensuring the viability of their agricultural activities and securing their future.

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