The all-education rally in Athens has ended - 8 injured in clashes between rival student groups - Watch video

Athens protest

Eight injured - Strong police - Roads opened in the centre of Athens.

The education-sector rally on Thursday in Athens against the founding of non-state universities has ended.

Students, educators, members of the university community, and supporters from across Greece initially convened at the Propylaea midday on Thursday and later marched to the Hellenic Parliament.

They voiced their opposition to the Ministry of Education's draft law and expressed their disapproval of non-state universities under the central slogan 'No to private universities - Degrees with value, tuition-free education.'"

Traffic on the roads around the centre of Athens has been restored.

According to the police, at least 15,000 people participated in the all-education rally.

The clash of the students

Shortly after 11 in the morning, there were incidents between gathered students.

According to Proto Thema, the incidents that lasted a few minutes involved students from the Student Struggle Front who clashed with people from other student factions.

Ambulances were also found at the scene and transported a total of eight injured people to the Evangelismos hospital. According to the sources, the injured have head injuries.

According to sources, the cause of the fight was who would be at the head of the march of students, pupils and parents.

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