Cruise season for Thessaloniki opens earlier this year - 2024 set to be a landmark year

cruise thessaloniki

The cruise season to Thessaloniki was opened earlier this year with the arrival of Celebrity Infinity earlier this month.

The cruise ship docked at the port of Thessaloniki on Tuesday at 10:00, and it will remain in Thessaloniki for 28 hours before departing at 14:00 on Wednesday for Ephesus Neopolis (Ἔφεσος Νεόπολις, Turkish: Kuşadası), Turkey.

The cruise sector has shown strong growth in the current year, although foreign shipping companies have been forced to change their routes due to geopolitical developments.

However, despite the changes, the port of Thessaloniki, so far, has not been affected and 2024 may become a landmark year in the cruise history for Thessaloniki.

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