Beril McKissic: My great grandmother is from Thessaloniki, I'm 60% Greek (VIDEO)

Beril McKissic

Shaquille McKissic's stunning partner has been living in Greece for the past few years

If anyone visits the Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) on a day when Olympiacos is playing, apart from the players of the Piraeus team, they will see a beautiful blonde with an impressive body and equally impressive tattoos a breath away from the playing court.

This is Beril McKissick, the wife of Shaquille McKissick, the American basketball player who has been making his living in Greece for the last few years with Olympiacos. She is enjoying life in Greece with Shaquille and their children.

Beril's statement from 18:31 to 18:47 of the video:

Previously she had revealed that she has roots from Greece and Turkey but with new statements she clarified that she is 60% Greek.

Beril spoke to 'Euroleague Basketball Originals: Overseas' and noted:

"It just felt like home because my great grandmother is from Thessaloniki. So I did a DNA test for that and I am 60% Greek. So, I did a DNA test for that too, and I'm 60% Greek. So, when I step foot in Greece, I was like, this feels like home."

Beril has traveled all over Greece while for the sake of Shaquille, she also arrived in Lithuania last year to support Olympiakos in the Final 4.

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