warns of human rights risks in occupied territories of Cyprus

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Accommodation booking giant issues a cautionary note to travelers planning visits to the occupied territories, highlighting "threats to human rights."

The announcement urges travelers to make well-informed decisions regarding accommodation and travel plans.

The statement, reported by the Kipris Post website, could significantly impact travel plans to the pseudo-state. advises potential visitors about potential restrictions on transit between the Republic of Cyprus and the occupied territories. It emphasizes the necessity for travelers to enter the Republic of Cyprus through specific entry points.

Additionally, the announcement underscores that the pseudo-state unilaterally declared itself in 1983, a move unrecognized by the Republic of Cyprus. Consequently, arrivals from the illegal Tympus airport are not considered legal.

Kipris Post speculates that this announcement might have adverse effects on tourism in the pseudo-state, asserting that appears to "biasedly support" the Republic of Cyprus's policy.

The situation underscores the intersection of tourism and political complexities in the region, potentially shaping travel decisions for those considering visits to the occupied territories.

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