Curtain Up! Acclaimed Greek Play "Goodbye, Lindita" Comes to Adelaide Festival

Turning theatre into visual meditation, Goodbye, Lindita is a wordless work from Albanian theatre-maker Mario Banushi that comes to Adelaide after a critically acclaimed debut in the National Theatre of Greece Showcase.

Theatre lovers rejoice! The National Theatre of Greece (@GNTheatre) is bringing its critically acclaimed production of "Goodbye, Lindita" to the prestigious Adelaide Festival (@adelaidefest). This innovative play by Mario Banushi promises a powerful and moving experience following its successful debut in Athens.

Written by the talented Mario Banushi, "Goodbye, Lindita" delves into themes of migration, identity, and the complexities of human connection. The play unfolds against the backdrop of contemporary Greece, exploring the lives of individuals navigating personal struggles and societal challenges. With its nuanced storytelling and poignant themes, "Goodbye, Lindita" has resonated deeply with audiences in Greece and is set to captivate Australian theatregoers as well.

The Adelaide Festival, renowned for its commitment to artistic excellence and global exchange, provides the perfect platform for this international collaboration. Audiences can expect a captivating performance by a talented Greek cast, transporting them to the heart of this thought-provoking and emotionally charged story.

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