Peppers or eggplants: What do Greeks prefer?

egg peppers capsicum gemista yemista

In our regular Viber quiz, we asked you about your favourite vegetables.

The dilemma was posed between eggplants and peppers, two summer vegetables that we still find on the shelves of grocers and supermarkets.

Voters showed their love for eggplants, prevailing with a good margin of 66%, leaving behind the peppers at 34%.

So we have collected favourite recipes primarily with eggplants, and then we will give you some with peppers as well.

RECIPE: The ultimate Moussaka Recipe.

RECIPE: Papoutsakia (Stuffed Eggplant)

RECIPE: Gemista- Stuffed Vegetables

RECIPE: Tourlou Tourlou (Briami): Delicious Greek Ratatouille.

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