Pizza or souvlaki - What do Greeks prefer?

Souvlaki and pizza

In the regular Viber Gallop poll, voters got to choose between pizza or souvlaki.

Although we expected a more challenging battle between these two very popular options, it was clear from the beginning of the vote that the souvlaki had the upper hand and indeed won with a percentage of 61%, compared to the 39% pizza got.

Souvlaki is indeed a "national product" that we love very much in our country and have been consuming since ancient times.

Tsiknopempti souvlakia greek bbq barbecue

Today, we find it in many different variations: on a stick or wrapped in pita or sandwich bread; pork, chicken, beef, and even lamb; while now there are also vegetarian or vegan options, such as with mushrooms, halloumi, even with seafood that is passed through a stick, so they deserve to be called souvlaki.

It is one of our country's most popular and recognisable dishes and is also loved by the tourists who visit us.

On the other hand, the pizza that came to us from neighbouring Italy has its fans worldwide and in our country.

La bella Napoli pizza Neos Kosmos

Others prefer it with thin, crispy dough, like the original Italian one; others prefer the fluffier and thicker dough, which we got to know in Greece from American pizzerias, while now there are also doughs with cheese filling.

As for its ingredients, there are unlimited, and recently, vegan versions have also been added here, such as with vegetable cheese or vegetable cream.

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