Youth in Greece Face High Deprivation Rates


A new report reveals a concerning number of young people in Greece facing severe material and social deprivation. While the issue affects Europe as a whole, Greece ranks high on the list.

Key Findings:

In 2022, the EU average for young people (aged 15-29) facing severe material and social deprivation was 6.1%.

Greece had a significantly higher rate at 14.9%, placing it among the top three most affected countries in the EU. Romania and Bulgaria had even higher rates at 25.4% and 18.6%, respectively.

Several EU member states, including Slovenia, Austria, and Finland, showed deprivation rates below 3% for young people.

Poverty and Social Exclusion Concerns:

The at risk of poverty or social exclusion (AROPE) rate for young people in the EU was 24.5% in 2022, exceeding the general population's rate by 2.9%.

While young people were slightly less likely to experience severe material and social deprivation compared to the general population, they exhibited higher rates of poverty and lower work intensity within their households.

Significance and Concerns:

These statistics paint a worrying picture for young people in Greece and other high-deprivation countries. Higher rates of poverty, lower work intensity, and material deprivation suggest greater challenges faced by young adults in these countries. Addressing these issues through targeted policies and initiatives is crucial to ensuring the well-being and future success of younger generations.

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(Source: Eurostat)

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