Cypriot Inquest in Soldier's Death Takes Dramatic Turn as Family Alleges Cover-Up

Thanasis Nikolaou case: “Hidden” testimony

NICOSIA, Cyprus - February 27, 2024 - The ongoing inquest into the 2005 death of Cypriot soldier Thanasis Nikolaou was rocked yesterday when the family's lawyers presented a bombshell claim: a written confession implicating others in his death.

This revelation came during the cross-examination of a medical expert and amidst growing tensions between the family and the authorities.

New Witness Statement Surfaces:

The family's legal team presented a statement dated January 12, 2024, alleging it details a confession from an individual who, along with others, participated in the fatal assault on Nikolaou. They requested a closed-door hearing to disclose further details, aiming to protect the witness and the ongoing investigation.

Police Acknowledge Statement, Cast Doubt on Relevance:

While acknowledging the existence of the statement, police sources claim it was investigated and deemed irrelevant to the inquest. However, the family contends they were never informed of this investigation or its conclusion.

Legal Battle Ensues:

The Legal Service, representing the state, requested time to confer with the police regarding the statement, highlighting its significance and the need for clarification. A decision on how to proceed with the disclosure is expected today.

Mother to Testify:

Adding another layer of complexity, the court approved the family's request for Nikolaou's mother, Andriana Nikolaou, to provide written testimony regarding the cause of her son's death.

Expert Testimony Scrutinized:

The day also saw intense cross-examination of a medical expert who presented their findings on the cause of death. Disagreements arose concerning specific evidence and its interpretation, further complicating the picture.

Unresolved Questions and Next Steps:

The validity and details of the alleged confession remain shrouded in uncertainty. The court must now decide how to handle its disclosure, potentially impacting the entire inquest. Additionally, the conflicting expert opinions necessitate further investigation into the cause of Nikolaou's death.

Nikolaou's mother is expected to submit her testimony soon, while the court deliberates on the handling of the alleged confession. This dramatic turn of events has injected fresh controversy into the inquest, raising serious questions about potential cover-ups and demanding transparency from authorities.

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