Bodies of Australian couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies Found Near Greek Monastery

Greek Orthodox Holy Monastery Of Saint Fanourios

In a grim turn of events, the remains of the missing Australian couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies were discovered just a few hundred metres off a country road, allegedly dumped by Australian police officer Beau Lamarre-Condon behind a mound of soil. The incident has shaken the community and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

According to reports,  Lamarre-Condon is accused of using a police-issued Glock to fatally end the lives of Baird and Davies at a residence in Paddington on February 19. The bodies were found near a mound of earth, raising suspicions about the events leading to their demise.

Luke Davies and Jesse Baird.

The bodies, believed to be those of Luke Davies and Jesse Baird, were eventually abandoned off Jerrara Road, leading to the Greek Orthodox Holy Monastery of Saint Fanourios at Bungonia in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, Australia. Shockingly, they remained undiscovered until Lamarre-Condon allegedly disclosed the site from his Silverwater jail cell on Tuesday afternoon.

Following the revelation, police swiftly concluded their investigation at the crime scene. The area, characterised by scraggly bushland, gum trees, shrubs, and rocks, bordered the paved roadway winding through Bungonia National Park. The picturesque landscape, however, belied the sinister events that unfolded there.

To access the purported dumping site, Lamarre-Condon would have driven past the quaint hamlet of Bungonia, with its tidy homes adorned with rose bushes, and deeper into the national park until reaching a gravel road turn-off enveloped by towering gum trees.

On one side of the turn-off, the monastery's gates loomed, adorned with an iron crucifix and warning signs for trespassers. Images of saints adorned the gate's brick walls, starkly contrasting the tragedy that unfolded nearby.

To the right of the church entrance gate, Lamarre-Condon allegedly concealed the remains of Davies and Baird behind two mounds of dirt amidst thick shrubs, grass, and gum trees. Alongside the remains, a plethora of items purportedly scattered by Lamarre-Condon awaited police seizure, their significance shrouded in mystery.

Police officers and forensic analysts worked tirelessly through the night, gathering evidence before transporting the bodies of Davies and Baird to a morgue in Lidcombe around 11 pm.

By early Wednesday morning, a solitary bouquet of flowers had been placed near the road's edge, cordoned off by police tape. Throughout the morning, riot squad officers, sniffer dogs, and detectives meticulously combed the area, conducting line searches for further evidence.

A fleet of police cars lined up outside the church, a stark reminder of the gravity of the situation. By Wednesday afternoon, they had departed, carrying with them an undisclosed number of pieces of evidence for examination.

As the investigation continues, the monastery remains closed, shrouded in the lingering scent of death—a poignant reminder of the tragedy that befell Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.In light of the unsettling discovery near the Greek Orthodox Holy Monastery of Saint Fanourios, a unique connection exists to Saint Fanourios himself— the saint is renowned for his association with revelations and the recovery of lost objects.


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