Greek Police Dismantle International Murder Syndicate

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Greek police, with crucial assistance from Europol and partner agencies, have successfully dismantled a criminal organization linked to over 60 murders across Europe in the past decade.

The dismantled organization, known as the "Kotor Clan," originated in Montenegro and was primarily involved in drug trafficking. Their activities, however, sparked a violent power struggle in 2014, resulting in a split into two rival factions: Kavac and Skaljari.

"The war between these two factions led to at least 60 murders throughout Europe," stated Athens police chief, Fotios Douitsis, highlighting the devastating impact of the gang's activities.

The breakthrough came when four members of the Kotor Clan, seeking refuge in Greece, were murdered by their rivals in 2020. This sparked an investigation by Greek authorities, who sought assistance from Serbia and Europol.

Europol identified an encrypted messaging app used by the gang members, and in cooperation with police forces from France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, gained access to it. This critical evidence provided crucial links to the murders committed in Greece.

More than 39 individuals, primarily from Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and Romania, were identified as suspects. While 17 are currently imprisoned in Serbia, Montenegro, and Turkey, the investigation continues.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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