Greece fertility rate low; France highest in EU

Greek baby

Greece recorded among the lowest fertility rates in the European Union according to a report published by Eurostat on Thursday, which saw the European Union (EU) witness a further decline in births in 2022.

Around 3.88 million babies were born across the member states, reflecting a slight decrease compared to 4.09 million in 2021. This continues a longer-term trend, with 4.68 million births recorded in 2008.

The total fertility rate, indicating the average number of children a woman will have in her lifetime, also dipped slightly to 1.46 births per woman in 2022. This follows a small increase in 2021 (1.53) that had interrupted a previous downward trend.

France maintained the highest fertility rate within the EU at 1.79 births per woman, followed by Romania (1.71), Bulgaria (1.65), and Czechia (1.64). Conversely, Malta, Spain, Italy and Greece had the lowest rates, with 1.08, 1.16, 1.24, 1.32 births per woman respectively.

(Source : Eurostat)



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