40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste


These holy Martyrs, who came from various lands, were all soldiers under the same general. Taken into custody for their faith in Christ, and at first, interrogated by cruel means, they were then stripped of their clothing and cast onto the frozen lake which is at Sebastia of Pontus, at a time when the harsh and freezing weather was at its worst.

40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste
40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste


They endured the whole night naked in such circumstances, encouraging one another to be patient until the end. He that guarded them, named Aglaius, who was commanded to receive any of them that might deny Christ, had a vision in which he saw heavenly powers distributing crowns to all of the Martyrs, except one, who soon after abandoned the contest.

Seeing this, Aglaius professed himself a Christian and joined the Martyrs on the lake, and the number of forty remained complete. In the morning, when they were almost dead from the cold, they were cast into fire, after which their remains were thrown into the river. Thus they finished the good course of martyrdom in 320, during the reign of Licinius.

These are their names: Acacius, Aetius, Aglaius, Alexander, Angus, Athanasius, Candidus, Chudion, Claudius, Cyril, Cyrion, Dometian, Domnus, Ecdicius, Elias, Eunoicus, Eutyches, Eutychius, Flavius, Gaius, Gorgonius, Helianus, Heraclius, Hesychius, John, Lysimachus, Meliton, Nicholas, Philoctemon, Priscus, Sacerdon, Severian, Sisinius, Smaragdus, Theodulus, Theophilus, Valens, Valerius, Vivianus, and Xanthias.

Εορτάζουν στις 9 Μαρτίου oι Άγιοι Σαράντα Μάρτυρες που μαρτύρησαν στη Σεβάστεια:

Κυρίων, Κάνδιδος (ή Κλαύδιος), Δόμνας, Ευτύχιος (ή Ευτυχής), Σεβηριανός, Κύριλλος, Θεόδουλος, Βιβιανός, Αγγίας, Ησύχιος, Ευνοϊκός, Μελίτων, Ηλιάδης (ή Ηλίας), Αλέξανδρος, Σακεδών (ή Σακερδών), Ουάλης, Πρίσκος, Χουδίων, Ηράκλειος, Εκδίκιος, (ή Ευδίκιος), Ιωάννης, Φιλοκτήμων, Φλάβιος, Ξάνθιος, (ή Ξανθιάς), Ουαλέριος, Νικόλαος, Αθανάσιος, Θεόφιλος, Λυσίμαχος, Γάϊος, Κλαύδιος, Σμάραγδος, Σισίνιος, Λεόντιος, Αέτιος, Ακάκιος, Δομετιανός (ή Δομέτιος), δυο Γοργόνιοι, Ιουλιανός, (ή Ελιανός ή Ηλιανός), και Αγλάϊος ο καπικλάριος.

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