Netanyahu Hits Back at Erdogan's Accusations, Slams Support for Terrorists and Denial of Historical Atrocities

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, responded strongly to the accusations made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem last night, it was emphasized that "Israel, which strictly follows the rules of war, does not accept Erdogan's attempts to teach us, considering he supports the murderers and rapists of the terrorist organization Hamas, denies the Armenian Genocide, carries out massacres against Kurdish citizens in his own country, and silences journalists and critics of his regime."

Previously, during a speech on Saturday, President Erdogan compared Netanyahu and his government to Nazis, much like Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin in the past century. Erdogan also reiterated his commitment to upholding international law and bringing these alleged murderers - referring to Netanyahu and his government - to justice. He concluded by criticizing the lack of solidarity from the Islamic world, which has a population of over two billion people, in supporting the Palestinian cause.


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