Deput Greek Language Writers’ Festival Unveils Unique Literary Gems

Deput Greek Language Writers’ Festival Unveils Unique Literary Gems

Prepare to be captivated by the vibrant and rich tapestry of Greek literature and culture at the upcoming Greek Language Writers’ Festival. As a pioneering addition to the esteemed 42nd Greek Festival Program, the Greek Language Book Festival promises an immersive experience celebrating the beauty and depth of Greek language and literature like never before.

The festival will feature a dynamic lineup of literary works carefully curated by experts in the field. Two remarkable books will encapsulate the essence of Greek literature. Each of these works represents a unique exploration of the human experience, resonating with timeless themes and universal truths that transcend borders and generations.

The event showcases the following Greek Language books:

1. "Moral Continuum – Spacetime – Sisyphus and Meropi"

Author / Poet: Theodoros Dalmaris

Synopsis: This thought-provoking book, the fifth instalment in a series by esteemed poet Theodoros Dalmaris, delves into the intricacies of nature, separate from the influence of humanity. Through profound prose and poetic exploration, Dalmaris captures the complexity and creativity inherent in the natural world.

2. "Portraits of Women"

Author: Dina Tourvas

Synopsis: "Portraits of Women" is a bilingual masterpiece, offering a glimpse into the lives of 70 Greek women from Sydney and Greece. Additionally, Tourvas commemorates historical women activists renowned for their tireless efforts in advocating for humanity. Through stunning visuals and poignant narratives, Tourvas weaves together a compelling tapestry of strength, resilience, and empowerment.

The festival will commence at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, at the Greek Community Club located at 206-210 Lakemba Street, Lakemba NSW 2195. Admission to this enriching event is FREE, but attendees are required to book tickets in advance.

Event Details:

WHAT:  Greek Language Writers’ Festival | Greek Language Books’ Festival

WHEN: Wednesday 13 March 2024 | 6:00 pm

VENUE: Greek Community Club, 206 - 210 Lakemba St, Lakemba NSW 2195


Bookings Essential via the following link us for an unforgettable evening celebrating the artistry and cultural heritage of Greek literature. Immerse yourself in the captivating narratives and profound insights presented by these esteemed authors. For more information on the programme and to book tickets to selected events, please visit note: Festival Chair Nia Karteris is available for interviews. Media contact: Chryssa Karagiannidou (02) 9750 0440 or [email protected])



Theodoros Dalmaris, born in Thana, Tripolis, embarked on a journey that led him to excel in Mathematics at the University of Athens. His diverse career path included owning a private tutoring school for 15 years and involvement in various businesses. As a man of letters, he served as one of the editors of the monthly social and political magazines ORIENTATION and POLITICAL CRITERION.

In the realm of poetry, Theodoros Dalmaris began his literary exploration in 2015 and has since made a significant mark in National and International Poetry Competitions, winning 10 First Prizes for his remarkable verses.


Dina Tourvas is a well-known artist, teacher, translator, speaker, photographer, writer, and activist who has been active in the Greek Community for over 40 years and has a long list of accomplishments. She holds a BA in Photography and a Grad degree in Fine Arts among her many academic qualifications. An extremely humble person, she is one of the Greek Community's living treasures. She was born in Evdilos, a village in the central part of the island of Ikaria, North Aegean. In 1959, she migrated to Australia. Dina studied at the Sydney School of Fine Arts and was a Secondary school teacher. Dina’s artistic creations are inspired by immigration, the position of women in society and the struggles of the working class.

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