Golden Olympian Voula Patoulidou honoured with wax doppelgänger

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Renowned golden Greek Olympian Voula Patoulidou, deputy regional governor of Thessaloniki, made a special visit to Kavala where she was honoured with her own wax likeness at the wax museum of Thodoris Kokkinidis.

Patoulidou, accompanied by local officials, stepped into the museum to meet her wax doppelgänger. Crafted by the talented Kavala-based artist in 2012, the lifelike representation offered a unique moment for Patoulidou and the visitors alike.

Behind the scenes, Patoulidou had played a significant role in the creation of her wax figure. She had posed for Kokkinidis and even donated the actual outfit she wore during her historic performance at the Barcelona Olympic Games, ensuring the authenticity of the representation.

Patoulidou's presence in Kavala wasn't merely for personal admiration. She was an esteemed guest of the municipality, invited to grace an awards ceremony honouring women actively engaged in politics and public affairs. The event, organised jointly by the municipal community of Kavala and the municipality itself, served as a platform to acknowledge Patoulidou's outstanding contributions to sports and her commendable work in local governance.

During her address at the awards ceremony, Patoulidou candidly shared her personal journey, highlighting the challenges she faced as a woman navigating the worlds of sports and politics. With deep emotion, she reflected on the unwavering support of her parents and emphasized the importance of perseverance in the pursuit of one's dreams.

Her words resonated deeply, sending a powerful message to women everywhere to believe in themselves and to persist in their aspirations despite the obstacles they may encounter. As the golden Olympian left Kavala, her visit left an indelible mark, inspiring both admiration and reflection among those who had the privilege of witnessing this extraordinary encounter.

(Source: AMNA)

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