Greece's Eurovision Entry "Zari" Rises to 7th Place

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Greece has achieved an exciting milestone in the Eurovision realm as its entry climbs to the 7th position on My Eurovision Scoreboard. The captivating Greek song has won the hearts of fans worldwide, garnering a significant following and positive votes.

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In addition to Greece's achievement in My Eurovision Scoreboard, the country's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest has recently been unveiled. Titled "Zari," the song is an enchanting fusion of traditional, modern, and ethnographic elements.

The talented artist Marina Satti, who has been active in the music scene for 37 years, officially released the song on her YouTube account on Thursday evening.

"Zari" has already garnered significant attention and praise from fans and music enthusiasts alike. The uplifting nature of the song, combined with Marina Satti's captivating performance, promises to be a remarkable addition to Greece's Eurovision journey.

Fans eagerly await the upcoming stages of the Eurovision Song Contest to see if Greece can maintain their momentum and potentially secure an even higher ranking. The country's success on My Eurovision Scoreboard has created a wave of excitement within the Eurovision community.

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