458 Irregular Migrants Rescued off the Coast of Cabo Greco

20240316 063501

A total of 458 irregular migrants, spotted yesterday afternoon on six boats off the coast of Cabo Greco, were taken to the Pournara Reception Center.

Information from the KYPE states that at noon yesterday, six boats with irregular immigrants were detected in the maritime area of ​​Cabo Greco by the radars of the Port and Maritime Police. Boats of the Coastal and Maritime Police went to the area and the boats with the migrants were taken safely to the Ayia Napa marina. After their details were recorded, they were transferred to the Pournara Hospitality Center. In the first boat, there were a total of 30 people: 18 men, 3 women, 7 children, and 2 unaccompanied. In the second boat, there were 24 people: 14 men, 3 women, 5 children, and 2 unaccompanied. In the third boat, there were 62 people: 36 men, 6 women, 11 children, and 9 unaccompanied.

In the fourth boat, there were 37 persons: 14 men, 4 women, 18 children, and 1 unaccompanied. In the fifth boat, there were 22 persons: 14 men, 1 woman, 3 children, and 4 unaccompanied. And in the sixth boat, there were 283 people: 162 men, 27 women, 79 children, and 15 unaccompanied.

The immigrants reported to the Police that the six boats left from Lebanon, after paying three thousand dollars each to an unknown person.

Based on the testimonies of migrants, two people, a 31-year-old man from Lebanon and a 23-year-old man from Syria who were on the sixth boat, were arrested by the Police.

The two persons are expected to be brought before the District Court of Famagusta today for the issuance of a detention order.


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