Thessaloniki: Roma women pretended to help an 88-year-old woman but stole €5,000 worth of jewellery

police car roma

The three women who were arrested shortly after the theft are 29, 31, and 35 years old

Police arrested three Roma women for stealing from an elderly woman's house at noon on Friday in the Kalamaria area of ​​Thessaloniki.

According to police, the three women, aged 31, 35 and 29, managed to enter the house of an 88-year-old woman under the pretext of providing medical assistance.

When they managed to get inside the apartment, the three women stole the elderly woman's jewellery worth 5,000 euros, according to what she reported to the police when she realised what had happened.

Officers of the Immediate Action unit could immediately locate and arrest the three women. The jewellery was found and confirmed to belong to the 88-year-old.

A case file has been filed against the three women, and they are expected to be brought to the Prosecutor's Office.

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