Alexandra Nika: Who is the new partner of Konstantinos Argiros?

Alexandra Nika Konstantinos Argiros Girlfriend

Konstantinos Argiros is in a relationship with Alexandra Nika, a young woman who has nothing to do with the Greek artistic world.

According to the show "Our Breakfast" she is the daughter of a well-known Greek businessman who owns a sausage company.

It is the 24-year-old Alexandra Nika, with whom the singer travelled to Florence and Tuscany in the previous days, as the reporter of the show reported.

According to the same information, the rumoured couple is quite careful not to find out about their relationship, while it is characteristic that they do not follow each other on Instagram.

"They met through their mutual friend Anestis Evagelopoulos, who was also with them in Tuscany. Alexandra is also a very good friend of Natasha Theodoridou's daughter, Christianna Beta" according to the show.

On the other hand, a reporter from the "Breakfast" show who met the singer at the airport on his return from Italy reported that he was found with a man. "It sounds a lot, and it was written that he is in a new relationship; he was pressed to answer."

For his part, Konstantinos Argyros said: "We had a good time, I rested... My parents studied in Italy and spoke a little Italian to us. For Voice, there have been no discussions about the year... I work long hours, but I don't understand that I get tired, I have a good team.

Who is Alexandra Nika

Alexandra Nika is 24 years old. She completed her studies in California and is a jet setter. According to "Our Breakfast", the couple have been together for three months. She maintains a popular social media account, particularly her followers on Instagram amounting to 18.6 thousand.

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Alexandra Nika

Agiros Girlfriend Alexandra Nika

Alexandra Nika

Alexandra Nika

Alexandra Nika

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