Former Russian President promises death for death, if Ukraine connected to terrorist attack


Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev promised death to Ukraine's leadership if they are connected to the overnight terrorist attack on Moscow.

The Kiev regime’s terrorists must be found and eliminated, including officials, if it turns out they were behind the terrorist attack in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has said on his Telegram channel.

"To the families of those killed in the terrorist attack - sincere condolences, strength to all the loved ones of the victims.

"Terrorists only understand reciprocal terror. No courts and investigations will help if strength is not met with strength, and deaths – with total executions of terrorists and repression against their families. World experience.

"If it is established that these are terrorists of the Kiev regime, dealing with them and their ideological inspirers differently is impossible. They all must be found and ruthlessly destroyed as terrorists. Including officials of the state that committed such an atrocity.

"Death for death." wrote Medvedev.



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