Greek President sends message to diaspora ahead of National Day celebrations


The President of the Hellenic Republic Mrs Katerina Sakellaropoulou has sent a message to the diaspora ahead of the 25th March, where Greeks worldwide will celebrate the National Day of Greece,  the day they declared their War of Independence on 25 March 1821 against the Ottoman Turks after 400 years of enslavement.


The full message of the President: 

My dear compatriots, Greek women and men living abroad,

The 25th of March 1821, the day of the proclamation of the Revolution against the Ottoman yoke, constitutes a glorious landmark in the long history of our nation. In response to this sacred call for the attainment of the ultimate goal of freedom, the Greeks of the Diaspora were the first to respond. From Odessa, where the cornerstone of the Friendly Society was laid, to Moldavia and Trieste, from Vienna to Paris, from Geneva to London, and elsewhere, Greek communities served as centres for the cultivation and transmission of the liberal ideas of the time, contributing to the intellectual awakening of the subjugated nation.

Simultaneously, prominent members of the Greek communities, who excelled in politics, commerce, and letters, exerted significant influence to sway public opinion and the governments of major Powers in favour of the Struggle, thus providing significant impetus to the Philhellenic movement. Moreover, Greeks living abroad later offered every possible support to ensure that the nascent Greek state stood upright and embarked on the path of economic and social development.

The Greek regeneration, with the motto "freedom or death," was one of the greatest historical events of the 19th century, offering hope to every oppressed people. As we proudly celebrate the anniversary of the Revolution of 1821, we continue to stand by all those who defend their own independence against revisionism and authoritarianism. From Ukraine to the Middle East, our compass remains respect for international law and the principles of humanity.

This year marks 50 years since the restoration of Democracy in our country. During this time period, Greece, despite difficulties and successive crises, has consolidated its position at the core of the European Union, becoming a pillar of stability and peace in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region. And this is because we remained steadfast in the fundamental values ​​that trace back to our deep roots, reaffirming our position among our partners, as befits our history and makes us proud.

However, we do not forget that a part of Cyprus remains under Turkish occupation for half a century, an unacceptable situation that pains us. We continue to strive for a just and sustainable solution to the Cyprus issue, based on international law, the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, and the principles of the European Union.

In an era of great geopolitical challenges and generalized insecurity, Greece will continue to defend its indisputable national sovereignty and independence, advocating unwaveringly, as it did in 1821, for the ideals born under the Greek light and the principles of international legality.

My dear compatriots, On this great anniversary day of March 25th and the Annunciation of the Theotokos, I wholeheartedly wish health and progress to all of you who live and thrive abroad, without forgetting the motherland and the significance of the unity of the universal Hellenism. Many years!


Katerina Sakellaropoulou
President of the Hellenic Republic

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