Russia Demands Answers From US Over Moscow Attack That Left At Least 40 Dead

Moscow attack

Russia has demanded answers from the US regarding the recent Moscow attack, which resulted in at least 40 deaths. Moscow has accused Washington of having prior knowledge and has threatened to take severe action against Ukrainian officials if they are linked to the attack.

The Russian foreign ministry has requested that if the US possesses any information, it should be shared, and if not, they should refrain from making baseless claims. The attack involved gunmen storming the Crocus City Hall and setting the building on fire, causing multiple explosions and a massive blaze. One of the attackers is reportedly in Russian custody, and security services are investigating suspicious vehicles in the area.

The situation is still ongoing, with emergency responders and authorities working to control the situation and evacuate people. Russia has labelled the incident a terrorist attack, while the White House has stated that there is no indication of Ukrainian involvement.

The US Embassy in Moscow had previously issued an alert advising American nationals to avoid large gatherings and public venues. Conflicting reports suggest that the attack may have been carried out by gunmen or involved a large explosion. The incident comes amidst escalating cross-border attacks between Russia and Ukraine.

Greek Foreign Ministry: Shocked by the terrible images coming from Moscow

The Greek Foreign Ministry said its thoughts were with the families of the victims of the horrific attack at a concert hall in Moscow.

Shocked by the terrible images coming from Moscow following the horrific attack at Crocus City Hall. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims to whom we extend our heartfelt condolences,» according to the Greek  Foreign Ministry's post on “ X”.

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