AEK Fans Snap Up Tickets for Crucial Olympiacos Clash


Athens, Greece: AEK FC announced a complete sell-out for their upcoming home match against Olympiacos at the OPAP Arena. This highly anticipated clash, taking place next Sunday, marks the second round of the Super League playoffs.

This news comes just two days before the pivotal derby, highlighting the fervent excitement among AEK supporters. The club released a statement expressing their gratitude to the fans and emphasizing the significance of the match:

"The OPAP Arena will be packed once again, thanks to your incredible support! We're thrilled to announce a sold-out crowd for next Sunday's critical match against Olympiacos. Every home game is a celebration, and with the 100th anniversary of our beloved club approaching, this one promises to be extra special."

A Sea of Flags to Celebrate a Century

To commemorate their centenary anniversary, AEK plans a spectacular pre-game display. A total of 30,000 flags, emblazoned with the club's anniversary logo, will be distributed to fans at stadium entrances.

The statement encourages fans to actively participate in creating a memorable atmosphere:

  • Pick up your free flag upon entry.
  • Raise the flags high as the teams enter the field just before kick-off.
  • Let's create an unforgettable image and electrifying atmosphere in our home stadium!

United for Victory

With a passionate home crowd roaring their support, AEK looks to secure a crucial victory against their rivals. The stands promise to be a cauldron of noise and color, painting the OPAP Arena in the club's iconic yellow and black.


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