Zemeckis Reunites Hanks and Wright for "Here," a Multigenerational Saga Coming This November

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Thirty years after their iconic collaboration on "Forrest Gump," director Robert Zemeckis is reuniting with beloved stars Tom Hanks and Robin Wright for a brand new original film titled "Here."

Platform Release Strategy:

TriStar Pictures will unveil "Here" in a strategic three-step platform release this November. The film will first premiere exclusively in Los Angeles and New York on November 15th, followed by a wider release across select theatres on November 22nd. Finally, it will reach theatres nationwide in a broad release on November 27th.

A Story Spanning Time:

"Here" is an original film inspired by Richard McGuire's innovative 2014 graphic novel of the same name. Described as a heartwarming and emotional exploration of the human experience, the film delves into the lives of multiple families who inhabit a special place over different generations. Audiences can expect a tapestry woven with love, loss, laughter, and life's defining moments. Zemeckis reteams with screenwriter Eric Roth, who co-wrote "Forrest Gump," to bring McGuire's vision to the screen.

A Stellar Cast:

Acclaimed actors Paul Bettany, Kelly Reilly, and Michelle Dockery join Hanks and Wright in this multigenerational saga. Their collective talent promises to breathe life into these characters across different eras.

Digital De-Aging Takes Center Stage:

"Here" will push the boundaries of filmmaking technology. For the first time, Metaphysic's cutting-edge AI tools, in partnership with Hollywood agency CAA, will be utilized to digitally de-age Hanks and Wright. This groundbreaking technology allows the actors to seamlessly portray younger versions of themselves within the film's narrative.

Zemeckis on Storytelling and Technology:

"I've always been attracted to technology, which helps me tell a story," said Zemeckis in a previous statement. He emphasized how Metaphysic's AI tools were instrumental in achieving the film's vision, allowing for seamless transitions between different stages of the characters' lives.

Behind the Scenes:

Zemeckis co-produces the film alongside Jack Rapke, Derek Hogue, and Bill Block. The executive producer team includes Jeremy Johns, Andrew Golov, and Thom Zadra.

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