Repatriation of Greek Antiquities from Atlanta: A Triumph for Cultural Heritage


Don't miss the captivating exhibition "Stories that End Well: The Return of 3 Antiquities" at the Fethiye Mosque, Roman Agora, Athens, until May 31.

This extraordinary exhibition showcases the remarkable journey of three stolen Greek antiquities that have been repatriated from Atlanta's Emory University. Through a fascinating display of these precious artifacts, visitors will delve into the long and arduous process of their recovery.

The exhibition unveils the illicit trade and clandestine excavations that led to the antiquities' dispersal, as well as the tireless efforts of the Greek Ministry of Culture to bring them home.

Visitors will witness the meticulous research, international collaboration, and unwavering determination that culminated in their triumphant return.

Immerse yourself in the stories of a Minoan urn, a marble seated figure, and a majestic statue of Artemis. These treasures, once lost to their homeland, now stand as symbols of cultural resilience and the enduring power of justice.

Until May 31 Fethiye Mosque, Roman Agora, Athens

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