Macedon Distillery: A Taste of Greece from the Mountains Down Under

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Crossing oceans from the scenic coastlines of Greece to the vibrant ranges of Macedon, Victoria; Macedon Distillery offers a unique version of Greek spirits that entices Australia’s alcohol market. A true testament to the power of globalisation and cultural exchange.

Where geographical boundaries are blurred, a concoction of recipes are born, and flavours from distant lands elegantly intertwine to create a contemporary and innovative experience for consumers. Rupturing a symphonic crescendo of relishes to unfurl, captivates the judicious appetites of the everyday Australian connoisseur.

Macedon Distillery not only introduces Australians to the diverse world of Greek spirits, but also adds a touch of Mediterranean flair to the local liquor scene. Established in late 2021, Jim Koutsougeras and Eleni Lambropoulos introduced the company with the launch of their first two products, Anison, and Anison - Triple Distilled, in which they are now releasing their third instalment of the brand with their latest spirit, Mastiha.

The couple both coming from second-generation Greek families which migrated to Australia in the early 1960s from Southern Greece, shared distillation as a core tradition ingrained in their ancestors since the early 1800s. Beginning as a hobby, Jim and Eleni have managed to capitalise off their success and work full time within their burgeoning distillery.


Jim Koutsougeras remarks, "Traditional Greek spirits are mostly imported and made in Greece. I wanted to share our family recipes and innovate the traditional spirits we all know.”

“I guess the real driver has been that we’re passionate about sharing our culture and building a brand that we truly love in that.”

History of the Logo

The Macedon Distillery logo is no accident; it is another nod to tradition, symbolising their love of Greek mythology, and celebration of women in the spirit industry. The logo is the Greek goddess Methe, who was a partner, companion, and mother.​ "We connected to Methe for what she represented: celebrating with no inhibitions and expressing herself with no limits! She was not afraid to be true to herself and ensure that no one ever stifled her."

"We celebrate the fact that women are influential in all elements of distilling, from the moment the grape (Methe was the mother of Staphylos - the grape carrier) is pressed, to the moment the spirit touches the drinkers' lips." Adds Jim Koutsougeras.

The Accolades

Macedon Distillery have garnered a whirlwind of accolades since their remarkable debut:

      • SILVER - 2023 Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards - Ouzo (Alternative Spirit).

      • GOLD - 2023 Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

      • MEDALION - Best Other Spirit - 2023 Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

      • GOLD - 2023 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards - Alternative Spirits *the only in gold in this class.

    • BEST IN CLASS - 2023 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards - Alternative Spirits - October 2023.

The Hero Ingredient: Mastiha 

In essence, Mastiha is a resin cultivated from the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus) and has been practiced for centuries. Particularly notable in the Mediterranean region, within the Greek island of Chios. It endures an aromatic and musky flavour, significantly drawing upon its inherent earthiness from the fresh trees, pine, and wood. You can also expect notes of cedar, vanilla, tea, and eucalypt dancing on your palate. Historically, mastic was used for its medicinal purposes, containing anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, to name a few. Promoting life and vitality, the taste of Mastiha is a transcendence of sensory delight, with each sip exploring the tapestry of botanical wonders woven by the hands of Mother Nature herself. However, what differentiates Macedon Distillery’s Mastiha from other brands, is that they rely less on the sugar, and more on the mastic to create a smoother liqueur that can be enjoyed chilled or added to your next cocktail.

Treat Yourself to a Cocktail

Jim and Eleni have listed an array of versatile cocktail recipes for customers to combine with their Mastiha, including:

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MASTIHA TONIC - Ingredients: 60 ml Mastiha, 150 ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Method, Pour Mastiha into a chilled glass, add ice cubes, and top with tonic. Stir and garnish with a rosemary leaf. Glass Type: Wine Glass or Short Glass.


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MASTIHA GRAPEFRUIT - Ingredients: 60ml Mastiha, 60ml Bickfords Pink Grapefruit Cordial 15ml Lime Juice, Top with Soda water. Method: Add all ingredients to a chilled glass with ice. Garnish with a grapefruit. Glass Type: Highball Glass.


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MASTIHA LEMONADE - Ingredients: 40ml Mastiha, 15ml limoncello, 15ml fresh lime juice, 150ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Method:  Pour the Mastiha, limoncello, and lime juice into a chilled glass over ice. Top up with tonic and garnish with lime and lemon peel. Glass Type:  Highball Glass.


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MASTIHA SPRITZ - Ingredients: 60ml Mastiha, 15ml fresh lemon juice, 5ml triple sec, 10ml sugar syrup, 75ml champagne. Method: Add Mastiha, lemon juice, triple sec, and sugar syrup to a shaker. Shake over ice and fine strain into a chilled glass. Top with champagne, garnish with a lemon peel. Glass Type: Champagne Glass or Coupe.

A range of stock lists across Melbourne can be found here:

Rumi - East Brunswick
Philhellene - Moonee Ponds
Duncan's Tally Ho Cellars - Mt Waverly
Psarakos Market - Thornbury
Dan Murphy’s - Online
Nip of Courage - Wholesale

A range of stock lists across Macedon Ranges & regional Victoria can be found here:

IGA Romsey
Cellarbrations Gisborne
Foodworks Gisborne
Mount Macedon Trading Post
The Lancefield Lodge
Botanik - Kyneton
600 Above - Woodend
Cellarbrations Daylesford
IGA Castlemaine Plus Liquor
Maxi IGA Castlemaine
A La Grecque - Aireys Inlet

Jim and Eleni are planning to sell interstate within the upcoming months. Furthermore, all orders can be placed online and shipped Australia wide.



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