AEGEAN Airlines Invests in New Longer-Range Aircraft


AEGEAN Airlines has announced its investment in four new Airbus A321neo aircraft designed for significantly longer-range flights and equipped with a specially designed passenger cabin to cater to markets outside the EU, with flight durations ranging from 4 to 7.5 hours.

The airline plans to acquire these four specially configured A321neo aircraft, which will feature enhanced fuel capacity for extended flight ranges of up to 7.5 hours. The upgraded cabin configuration aims to provide a higher level of comfort for both Economy and Business Class passengers, with fewer seats compared to standard AEGEAN A321neo aircraft. Additional features will include satellite Wi-Fi connectivity, in-flight entertainment screens in every seat, and an upgraded lie-flat seat product in Business Class.

The investment is part of AEGEAN's strategy to enhance services to existing and new destinations outside the EU, particularly in regions like the Gulf, Central Africa, and Asia. These markets typically demand higher comfort standards due to longer flight durations, and the new aircraft are expected to meet these requirements effectively.

The delivery of these specially configured A321neo aircraft is scheduled for 2026 and 2027, contributing to AEGEAN's expansion plans and commitment to providing an elevated passenger experience.

AEGEAN CEO Dimitris Gerogiannis expressed confidence in the growth opportunities beyond the EU, emphasising the airline's commitment to offering exceptional service and comfort to passengers in these markets. This investment represents a significant step forward in AEGEAN's expansion efforts and underscores its dedication to delivering excellence in air travel.

It's worth noting that AEGEAN had previously exercised options to purchase additional A321neo aircraft and convert existing A320neo orders to A321neo, bringing the total number of neo aircraft in its fleet to 50, with 29 being A321neo variants.

(Source: Amna)

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