Enhanced Anti-Drone System Set to Boost Greece's Psara Frigate in Red Sea Deployment

Greek Frigate Psara

Kathimerini has learned that the Psara frigate, slated to replace Greece's Hydra frigate in the Red Sea by late May, will feature an upgraded anti-drone system with enhanced capabilities.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the new electronic system designed to counter drones will possess increased power, resulting in a broader range for disrupting drone communication with its operator.

Senior military officials revealed to Kathimerini that the Hydra's current anti-drone system, operational within the EU naval mission Aspides since early March, boasts a range of approximately 5 nautical miles, aligning with the range of its 127-millimeter bow guns. Notably, the Hydra has successfully utilized its guns to neutralize a Houthi drone.

The forthcoming deployment of the Psara will serve as a platform for testing the efficacy of the new system in real-world scenarios. The system aims to disrupt drones before they enter the effective range of the frigate's weaponry.

Should this "soft kill" mechanism prove effective in bolstering the frigate's deterrence capabilities, plans are underway to implement it across other naval vessels.

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