Panathinaikos returns to the Final Four after 12 years, defeating Maccabi Tel Aviv in Game 5 81-72

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In the semi-final, they will face the winner of the pair, Monaco-Fenerbahce. Panathinaikos unlocked defensively in the second half,

Kendrick Nunn took it personally, especially since Kostas Slukas was injured. The "cloverleaf" printed a "ticket" for the Euroleague Final Four for the 12th time in its history, first since the distant 2012!

The "greens" won 81-72 against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the packed OAKA. In Game 5, they wrote 3-2 in the playoff series, grabbing the qualification from the Israelis!

In the semi-final in Berlin, where they will claim the seventh European title in their history, Panathinaikos will face the winner of the pair, Monaco-Fenerbahçe, which will be decided tomorrow (8/5).

The quarters: 19-21, 41-41, 58-56, 81-72

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