Record Greek Easter Turnover Surpasses 1.5 Billion Euros, Says Chamber President


Vassilis Korkidis, President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Regional Chamber Council of Attica, announced that the Easter holiday season saw a remarkable surge in consumer spending, surpassing last year's figures and injecting vitality into retail, hospitality, and accommodation sectors across Attica.

Highlighting the buoyant market activity during the Easter holidays, Korkidis expressed satisfaction with the robust turnout in shopping, dining, and lodging establishments throughout the region. He attributed the uptick in consumer confidence to the resumption of tourism activities, marking a promising start to the upcoming tourist season.

Despite initial concerns about subdued consumer spending due to prolonged economic challenges, Korkidis revealed that the Easter market surpassed expectations, witnessing increased turnover and transaction volumes across various sectors, including food and traditional gift purchases. Notably, consumers maintained and even augmented their spending habits, with an average expenditure of 190 euros on Easter sweets and gifts.

Acknowledging the proactive measures taken by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to stabilise prices and foster competition, Korkidis emphasised the role of government initiatives in supporting consumer purchasing power and market competitiveness.

According to Korkidis, the Easter festive turnover, encompassing travel, dining, and lodging services, is estimated to exceed 1.5 billion euros, reflecting a vibrant economic activity during the holiday period. The convergence of Orthodox Easter with the summer tourist season further boosted consumption, with increased tourist traffic in central Athens and heightened cruise ship arrivals on Greek islands contributing to the overall economic momentum.

Despite challenges posed by rising food and fuel prices, Korkidis noted a resilient consumer appetite for Easter getaways, with a significant portion of urban residents opting for short trips to villages, islands, and holiday homes. The surge in regional holiday markets underscored the enduring appeal of Easter outings and the collective desire to uplift spirits amid global uncertainties.

(Source: Amna)

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