Petrol Prices in Greece Surge; Over 2 Euros Per Litre in Some Regions


Fuel prices in Greece continue to surge, with petrol reaching unprecedented highs. Petrol station owners warn that the upcoming Easter holiday may witness unleaded prices rising even further.

In the heart of Athens, the cost of petrol has soared above the two-euro mark. According to a report from SKAI, a service station on Alexandra Avenue is currently selling unleaded petrol at a staggering 2.043 euros per litre.

Nikos Papageorgiou, president of the Station Owners' Association, highlighted the recent surge in liquid fuel prices. Speaking to MEGA, Papageorgiou attributed this increase to the ongoing conflicts, stating, "There has been an increase in the last 10 days, but this is due to the two wars that are active." He emphasised that as long as the conflict in Ukraine persists, cheap fuel remains unlikely, given Russia's pivotal role in supplying fossil fuels to Europe.

Papageorgiou underscored the government's role in mitigating consumer impact, noting, "The ministry, by imposing a cap, has a clear policy. It is safeguarding consumers against obscenity." Despite global pressures leading to elevated fuel prices, Papageorgiou stressed that Greek petrol stations are not to blame. Comparatively, fuel prices in Greece stand notably higher than in other European countries, exacerbating the financial burden on consumers.


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