US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Praises Stronger-Than-Ever US-Greece Cooperation


In a message delivered on the 25th of March, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasised the robust collaboration between the United States and Greece in tackling contemporary global challenges. Blinken hailed the current state of Greek-American cooperation as stronger than ever before.

Speaking on the occasion of Greece's 203rd anniversary of the founding of the Hellenic Republic, Blinken commended Greece's unwavering support for Ukrainian sovereignty, its provision of humanitarian aid in Gaza, its backing of Israel, and its involvement in Operation Prosperity Guardian. He also expressed appreciation for Greece's partnership on crucial issues such as climate change and its leadership role in organising the Our Ocean conference this year.

Blinken highlighted the deep-rooted ties between the United States and Greece, rooted in shared democratic values, innovation, and a commitment to expanding educational opportunities for all. He underscored Greece's historical significance as the birthplace of democracy, serving as a beacon of inspiration in addressing contemporary global challenges.

Furthermore, Blinken thanked Greece for its principled advocacy for peace and prosperity on Europe's southeastern border, both as a bilateral partner and a NATO ally. He also mentioned the shared vision for peaceful, sustainable, and transparent cooperation in space within the framework of the Artemis Agreements.

Looking ahead, Blinken expressed eagerness to deepen the cooperation and friendship between the United States and Greece, wishing the Greek people a year filled with peace, prosperity, and good health.

(Source: Amna)

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