SYRIZA Offices Broken Into, Leader Defiant

Syriza offices

Athens, Greece - Unknown individuals broke into the SYRIZA offices in Kallithea today, leaving behind a threatening message. The office was ransacked, and the message was scrawled on a wall. The exact contents of the message have not been released, but it is believed to be a warning to SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis.

Kasselakis responded to the break-in with a defiant message. He said he would not be intimidated by the threats and would continue to campaign for a better Greece.

"I want to inform them: I am not afraid," Kasselakis said. "I will not stop. I will travel all over Greece and I will go from one end to the other. I will embrace all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, and I will carry the message of a better life."

Kasselakis also said that the movement that is growing against the arrogance, cover-up, and decline in the country is irreversible. "It will only grow bigger day by day," he said.

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