Yanis Varoufakis Sues German State Over Entry Ban Amid Growing Rights Concerns

Varoufakis in Sydney

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has announced that he is suing the German state after it imposed an entry ban on him, as revealed by his party MeRA25 on Thursday.

In a statement, MeRA25 declared, “Faced with this clear violation of German and European legislation, and after consultations with MeRA25 Germany and its legal team in Germany, Yanis Varoufakis is suing the German authorities in the German courts and reserves the right to appeal to the European ones, for infringement of basic rights and defamation.”

The party also emphasized the continuation of what it described as "outrageous violations" of the rule of law following the initial decision in April to ban Varoufakis from entering and engaging in any political activity in Germany. MeRA25 condemned these actions, asserting that they contribute to a Europe that is increasingly slipping into totalitarianism.

Urging European citizens to resist what it characterized as "arbitrary, totalitarian, and brutal" invocations of national security that undermine fundamental civil rights, the party stated, “After all, nothing threatens the security of citizens, in Germany and the rest of Europe, like the loss of our basic rights!”

The controversy surrounding Varoufakis intensified after the Palestine Congress in Berlin was disrupted by police on April 12, leading to the cancellation of the final two days of the event. Organizers had planned to scrutinize Germany’s military support for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

In addition to the incident at the Palestine Congress, Germany also imposed a ban on Varoufakis, prohibiting him from entering the country and participating in any political activities or online exchanges, citing his opposition to the Israeli military's actions in Gaza.

As the death toll in Gaza rises, Germany's alliance with Israel faces increasing opposition within the country.

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