Vasiliy Lomachenko adds another world title to his collection

2024 05 Kambosos

Vasiliy Lomachenko secures another world title by defeating George Kambosos with two knockdowns in the 11th round, further cementing his status as a future Hall of Famer.

Critics have often scrutinized Vasiliy Lomachenko for his slow starts in matches, but in his bout against George Kambosos, he came out with a quick tempo, leading to his 11th-round triumph. The Ukrainian unleashed rapid flurries early on, snapping back Kambosos’ head as he pressed forward.

On the other hand, Kambosos aimed to dictate the pace and target the body. A thrilling exchange in the third round, with both fighters trading blows furiously, enthralled the crowd and capped off a tightly contested round.

2024 05 Kambosos 1
Vasiliy Lomachenko adds another world title to his collection 1

By the fourth round, Lomachenko seemed to find his groove, displaying strategic movement in and out of range to land precise counters. Kambosos’ output dwindled significantly in the fifth round, while Lomachenko effectively utilized feints to control the pace.

At the midway point, Kambosos had only connected with 10 percent of his punches compared to Lomachenko's nearly 40 percent success rate. Heading into the later rounds, it became increasingly challenging to argue for Kambosos winning more than a single frame.

Despite sporadic power shots and the intense exchange in the third round, Kambosos struggled to land significant shots. Lomachenko consistently evaded Kambosos’ strikes, expertly countering and changing angles to capitalize on openings.

As the fight progressed, Kambosos bore the signs of the battle with a bloodied face, yet he displayed resilience by remaining on his feet. However, in the eleventh round, a devastating body shot floored Kambosos, briefly sending him to the canvas before a left hand dropped him again, prompting his corner to throw in the towel.

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