Greece Eyes Arms Buildup Amid 'Existential Threat' from Neighboring Country

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Defense Minister Nikos Dendias voiced concerns in Parliament on Wednesday about an existential threat to Greece's sovereignty and international treaties related to minority rights posed by a neighboring country.

Despite improved relations with Türkiye, Greece must remain prepared, Dendias emphasized. He outlined the government's "Agenda 2030" defense reform program, covering various aspects such as armaments and compulsory military service.

Regarding arms procurement, Dendias announced plans to discuss the acquisition of Constellation-class frigates, the Hellenic Navy's potential next-generation solution, in the coming days with the parliamentary committee. He also mentioned the F-35 fighter aircraft program as part of the Hellenic Air Force's reorganization, which includes 4.5 and 5th-generation fighters: 200 F-16 Vipers, Rafales, and F-35s.

Additionally, Dendias mentioned that the ongoing discussions at the Hellenic National Defence General Staff would involve discussions on the future generation of Hellenic Navy submarines. He highlighted that the government was considering a "middle ground" solution, exploring options such as a fourth frigate, corvettes, or LCS ships, if America provided them free of charge.

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