Selene: The Greek Goddess Who Fell For A Mortal Man


In many mythologies, the sun and the moon were believed to be physical representations of actual deities.

According to other accounts, the gods would ferry the sun and the moon across the sky to explain why and how they appeared in different places in the sky, depending on the time of day.

To the ancient Egyptians, this was the sun god Ra, who, in his barge, would ferry the sun across the sky before being swallowed up by the underworld to commence nightfall.

The ancient Greeks had a similar notion with Helios, the sun god, who in his chariot (much like Ra’s barge) would soar across the sky in the same pattern as the sun was believed to. The same was true of Selene, a deity whom the ancient Greeks believed also commandeered a chariot and orchestrated the movement of the moon itself.

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