Stefanos Tsitsipas says he and Paula Badosa are back together

20240525 035020

Tennis power couple Stefanos Tsitsipas, Paula Badosa ‘together’ again after recent split: Greek star Stefanos Tsitsipas and Spanish sensation Paula Badosa had the tennis world rejoicing after he confirmed they are back together.

Stefano told Greek media.

"We're together. I will explain why some people make up different stories about us. Not that I care, but I think people shouldn't take it that way. Paula didn’t do anything wrong, nor did I do anything wrong. It was hard for us being apart and I was going through some hard times too. I would say that I didn't manage it very well either, because I was feeling the pressure of the tour, of my work. It seemed like a mountain to combine these two (personal and professional life) and I made the decision to take a break. After two-three weeks I realized that she is a person who has supported me a lot and when she tried to talk to me about meeting I felt how intense the love we have for each other is. I realized that this relationship I have with Paula is completely different from any other relationship I have had in the past, I feel that she is my person and we understand each other. And that puts more value in everything I do and I want her by my side as often as possible. So yes, we've reconnected and we're in a good place."

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