Prophet Known as 'Greek Nostradamus' Warns of Impending WW3 with Russians"

Saint Paisos

Saint Paisos, often referred to as the 'Greek Nostradamus,' has seemingly foretold that escalating tensions in the Middle East could trigger World War Three, akin to his earlier prediction of the conflict in Ukraine and the ongoing bloodshed in Gaza. Despite his passing in 1994, his prophetic utterances have resurfaced in Greek media, particularly after the October 7 massacre in Israel.

Saint Paisos is quoted as envisioning Palestine transforming into a battlefield and the Dead Sea becoming a grave, foreshadowing a two-part calamity. Additionally, he ominously forewarns that the intensifying strife in Gaza may serve as a catalyst for a global conflict, implicating the involvement of both Russians and Europeans in a significant war centred in Istanbul, where rivers of blood will flow.

Hailing from Mount Athos, Greece, Saint Paisos purportedly also prophesied the downfall of the European Union, foreseeing its demise orchestrated by the collaboration of the UK and the US. His life journey, beginning in Pharasa, Cappadocia, in 1924, saw him seek refuge in Greece during the population exchange between Turkey and Greece. Becoming a monk in Mount Athos in 1949, he spent several years there, a revered figure in the Orthodox faith, even attracting the visit of Putin in 2016.

Saint Paisos, described as amiable yet profound, shared predictions that some deemed outlandish, including the eventual reclamation of Constantinople by Greece and the eradication of its Turkish occupants. Despite battling cancer, which he interpreted as a divine fulfilment, Saint Paisos passed away in 1994 at the age of 69, leaving behind a legacy of foresight and spiritual contemplation.

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