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Koulourakia Paschalina Recipe

Koulourakia Paschalina are traditional Greek Easter biscuits, which are usually prepared a few days leading up to Pascha. They’re not too sweet and make an excellent biscuit to accompany your frappe, coffee,…


Traditional Kourabiedes Recipe in time for Christmas

Along with Melomakarona, the most popular Greek sweets served around the Festive Season are Kourabiedes- an almond shortbread biscuit, which consists of lots of butter, almonds and plenty of icing sugar. Here is a…


Traditional Melomakarona Recipe for the Festive Season

Melomakarona are traditional Greek Christmas spiced cookies that are moist, syrupy and extremely flavoursome. They are prepared in Greek households over the Festive Season and as they are Nistisima (lent friendly) they…

Greece's famous biscuits loved by people worldwide 5

Greece’s famous biscuits loved by people worldwide

Papadopoulos is one of Greece’s most famous food companies. Founded in Athens in 1922 by the Papadopoulos family, it is mostly known for its delicious Caprice Wafers and other biscuits that can be found…

Homemade Koulourakia Recipe 8

Homemade Koulourakia Recipe

Koulourakia are traditional Greek biscuits that can be eaten all year round, however, they are very popular during the Easter period. Here is a simple recipe for soft, fluffy and delicious Koulourakia,…