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Does Love Exist in the Digital Age?

ADVERTORIAL By Natalie Martin  Love seems to be becoming more allusive than ever with the average relationship now only lasting a little over two years. Why are relationships so hard today? Why…


Simple ways to Focus naturally

Advertorial By Natalie Martin  Focus and concentration are two of the most important skills to achieve success in life. Whether it’s while studying for an important exam or kicking goals at work, failure to concentrate reduces…

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Keeping the love alive all year round

ADVERTORIAL By Natalie Martin LOVE is in the air, with Valentine’s Day upon us. Many of us make the mistake in thinking that Valentine’s Day is the sole day of the year…

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Say goodbye to fake health trends

ADVERTORIAL By Natalie Martin There is no shortage of trendy and sometimes expensive treatments that claim to make you healthier. But the reality is that health fads come and go – with some…

Keeping in Shape over Christmas 5

Keeping in Shape over Christmas

ADVERTORIAL  On average Australians gain somewhere between 0.8 to 1.5 kilograms over the Christmas period. One to two kilograms may not sound like much but research shows that this weight gained over…