Greece receives 80 million euros for refugee crisis

Greece receives 80 million euros for refugee crisis 1


Greece has been granted more than 80 million euros in emergency funding by the European Commission under the ‘Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund’ (AMIF) and the Internal Security Fund (ISF) in order to cope with the humanitarian crisis caused by the influx of refugees and illegal immigration.

The funds will be distributed between the Greek Ministry of Health and the Greek Defence Ministry.

The Greek Ministry of Health is expected to use funds to improve the provision primary health care (medical and psychosocial services) to migrants and refugees and to strengthen the capacity of the public health system and epidemiological surveillance structures.

Meanwhile the Greek Ministry of Defence will use its funding to improve the shelter, accommodation, catering, health care and transportation of refugees.

This additional 80 million euros brings the total emergency assistance to Greece since 2015 to 345  million euros whilst recipients include Greek authorities, EU agencies, international organisations and NGOs.

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