Europol’s 200 anti-terrorist specialists in Greece to track down terrorists

Europol Fotor


Europol announced that it will send a team of anti-terrorist experts to Greece in an effort to trace and identity potential jihadists who might be using the refugee crisis to enter Europe masquerading as migrants and refugees.

The move comes after a recent report published by Europal which identifies Greece and the southern Mediterranean as potential entry and exits points of potential terrorists and jihadists.

Europol’s director Rob Wainwright made the announcement and said it was a response to reports that Islamic fundamentalists are using counterfeit documents to enter into Europe.

“The officers will, on rotation, be deployed to the Greek islands, maybe Italy. There will be a second line of defense. We hope to deploy some into the camps where the refugees, the asylum seekers, are being held,” Wainwright said.

Wainwright also cited reports that many Islamist extremists aim to radicalise many of the migrants and refugees currently held in reception centres in Greece and the region in general.

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