Turkish judge seeks political asylum in Greece

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A Turkish judge who landed on the island of Chios yesterday along with several other refugees is seeking political asylum in Greece.

The 50 year old was arrested for illegal entry by Greek authorities when he was found near Agia Eleni on the island of Chios at 6 o'clock on Tuesday, in a plastic dinghy with another six refugees from Syria. He immediately declared his identity to the arresting coast guard officers and said he had boarded the boat on the Turkish shore south of Cesme. He also presented personal documents certifying his capacity as a judge and requested political asylum, saying that he was being persecuted for his ideas in Turkey.

The Turkish judge will now be transferred to Athens where his asylum request will be considered by the relevant authorities.

It must be noted this isn’t the first case of political asylum from a Turkish national since the failed military coup in the neighbouring country. In July, a Turkish military helicopter carrying several military personnel landed in Greece illegally and all occupants sought political asylum, claiming they would be persecuted if they returned to Turkey. Their case is still ongoing.

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