More than 60% of Greeks want to become entrepreneurs according to the seventh annual global survey conducted by Amway in co-operation with the Tech University of Munich.

The survey records public trends on entrepreneurship throughout Europe, and clearly shows Greek society’s positive take on entrepreneurship with 63% respondents saying they wanted to become businesspeople.

More than 50% said they would not abandon their intention to set up an enterprise even if their families or friends tried to convince them otherwise, with only about 36% respondents saying they were convinced they had the abilities to set up a business.

A 48% of Greeks said they felt at ease with starting their own business, while a 49% said they felt discomfort, with respondents in younger ages (below 35 years) recording the higher percentage rates (60 pct) compared with other age groups (35-49: 49% and over 50 years: 35%).

Greek also felt more comfortable with being their own boss (42%), while prospects for a secondary income (33 %) was also an attractive prospect.

According to the survey 35% of European citizens saw self-employment as more likely in the next five years.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.